Original vegetation type
Cape Flats Sand Fynbos

-33.953788, 18.523091
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Possible expansion stepping stone sites

How many possible nearby stepping stone gardens can be created, taking into account public infrastructure?

Type List Quantity
Early Childhood Development Centres 3
Parks View all 19
Community centres 1
Cemeteries 0
Total number of sites 23

With 23 potential expansion sites in the area, we rate this as: great

Possible corridor connectors

How many possible nearby corridor connectors are present?

Type List Length
Rivers and waterways 4,773 m
Railways 94 m
Total length 4,866 m

With 4866.487353328481 potential corridor connectors in the area, we rate this as: great

Existing stepping stones

How many existing stepping stones are located nearby?

Type List Quantity
Natural remnants / reserves 0
Registered stepping stone gardens 1
Total number of sites 1

With 1 existing stepping stones in the area, we rate this as: okay