Fynbos corridors

Instead of recommending a single, specific corridor to be formed in Cape Town, the Fynbos Corridor Collaboration instead encourages the formation of stepping-stone garden networks from the ground up. We try to encourage individuals, groups, and organisations to team up and link their efforts, and thus set up a corridor within their own area or area of interest. Linking people and harnessing existing energy is what we aim for, rather than prescribing everyone to work on the same, single corridor.

However, we do highly encourage people to pick a strategic location for their work. For individuals wanting to green their own area, we have a mapping tool just for that - the Instant Site Analysis tool. This allows for the strategic selection of a site within your own neighborhood, depending on nearby infrastructure that permits corridor building later on.

Secondly, there are different organisations active in Cape Town that are working towards a specific corridor goal. We encourage people living in these areas to link up with these initiatives and look into connecting new gardens with the existing work. Please check out our existing corridor maps to see what is currently being worked on. We invite organisations that are missing from this map to get in touch with us in order to have their work added to this map.

Thirdly, we appreciate that there might be groups or organisations that are looking to start a large-scale ecological restoration or complementary project in the city. The Fynbos Corridor Collaboration aims to assist these initiatives by providing insights into high-impact strategic river corridors. These are areas that were specifically selected with the goal of both being ecologically valuable and also having a high social impact potential. For those that are flexible in where they work, and that have ambitious goals, we recommend you check out our high-impact strategic river corridors.

Existing corridor projects

Under construction