High-impact strategic river corridors

We appreciate that there might be groups or organisations that are looking to start a large-scale ecological restoration or complementary project in the city. The Fynbos Corridor Collaboration aims to assist these initiatives by providing insights into high-impact strategic river corridors. These are areas that were specifically selected with the goal of both being ecologically valuable and also having a high social impact potential. For those that are flexible in where they work, and that have ambitious goals, we recommend you check out our high-impact strategic river corridors.

These five river corridors were identified through this methodology which seeks to identify priority areas by:

Through this method, we have come up with the following five high-impact strategic river corridors. By developing stepping-stone gardens and rolling out projects to encourage other social interventions (such as combining this with food gardens, environmental education, and river cleanup), we believe that a high environmental and social impact can be achieved.

We encourage people and organisations to reach out to us with additional ideas around the identification of these corridors, and to also get in touch if you would like to pursue rolling out such a project.