Despite its immense ecological and social value, the fynbos biome is one of the world’s most threatened ecosystems.

In addition to the ecological pressures facing the city, Cape Town also continues to battle numerous social challenges. In response to these ecological and social challenges, the need for community-led fynbos rehabilitation in Cape Town is gaining traction. However, while well-intentioned, these numerous fynbos rehabilitation projects tend to be isolated and uncoordinated and, as a result, are limited in their impact. As a response to this situation, the Fynbos Corridor Collaboration was established in 2018.

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Our strategy document

This strategy takes you from the basics of understanding what Fynbos is to prioritising where to work. It includes a step-by-step guide towards rehabilitation of stepping-stone gardens.

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Fynbos rehabilitation guide

Use our 6-step guide to develop your own stepping-stone fynbos rehabilitation garden

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Instant site analysis

Find out how to identify a suitable location for your fynbos garden!

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High-impact strategic river corridors

View our approach to identifying high-impact strategic corridors in the city.

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Tow Path

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Tow Path


Stepping-stone gardens