Step 4: Design your garden

The important part of the design step for Fynbos Stepping-stone garden is to integrate the design elements that fulfil social and ecological together.

Design is a skill that takes training so you have two options:

Design Checklist

Ensure you have a design that includes design elements for, along with an example for each:

Below are some examples of inspiring garden design.

Chatham Garden, Salt River

Chatham Garden, Salt River

Chatham Garden Fynbos plant choice supporting biodiversity

Chatham Garden, Salt River

Chatham Garden plant choice of vegetation supporting local social need for food security, and beautification of public spaces to make them usable for social activity.

Besides plant choice, each species of animal will need a few other elements considered before they call your garden a home. Use this table to factor in design elements for your chosen target animals (click on the table for a full screen version).

Chatham Garden, Salt River

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Our strategy document

Learn more about this topic in our fynbos corridor strategy document!

A community-focused strategy to increase socio-ecological connectivity in Cape Town. This strategy takes you from the basics of understanding what Fynbos is to prioritising where to work. It includes a step-by-step guide towards rehabilitation of stepping-stone gardens.

Download document (PDF)