Whatsapp groups

On this page we are listing relevant Whatsapp groups for fynbos stepping stone gardeners. Do you want to get involved? Join the group of your interest below! If no direct signup link is listed, please contact us to be put on the group. Do you want to advertise your own fynbos gardening group? Please let us know and we will gladly add it!

Garden-specific groups

These groups revolve around a specific garden (or a set of gardens), and within the groups there is generally discussion about the date and time of upcoming activities, and other chats around the garden itself. Join if you are keen to help out!

Schools for the Liesbeek

Initiative of a number of schools to work together on indigenous gardens along the Liesbeek River. Teachers, principals, parents, students, and other school stakeholders from the area are welcome to join.

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Observatory fynbos greening

For residents from Observatory. Greening takes place in coordination with OBSID.

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Alma-Liesbeek Gardens

This group is for gardening activities happening around the intersection between Alma Road and Liesbeek Parkway in Rosebank, including the Ouma-Erin garden and Huis Luckhoff garden.

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Newlands fynbos gardens

Group for people who want to get involved with the Newlands Triangle Garden, the Sans Souci Bridge Patch, and the Tree Stump Garden.

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Salt River garden groups

These groups are managed independently - contact Marius Zenker for more information.

Bonteheuwel - David Profit Peace Garden

Group dedicated to fynbos gardens in Bonteheuwel. Contact Soraya Salie

Mowbray and Rosebank - Speksisters

Group around the Spek Plek garden near the intersection between Klipfontein Road and Liesbeek Parkway in Mowbray. Contact Nancy

Thematic groups

These groups are not specific to a certain garden or area, but are instead open to anyone interested in the topic of the group.

Fynbos Growers

Are you an experienced fynbos grower or a novice who is just getting started? If you are keen to discuss growing fynbos, then this is your group! Ask questions, exchange tips, and share your experiences around growing fynbos.

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Fynbos Connectors

This group is for garden representatives from different areas within the Liesbeek and Black River catchments, who are happy to connect with people from other areas and specifically discuss strategic linkages and connections between the different gardens, as well as relay information and have discussions around corridor building work.

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Greenpop Volunteering

We use this platform to advertise our Eco Hub Open Days as well as other events we might need help with, like plant days, giving some love to our fynbos gardens, as well as other environmentally active tasks.

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