Fynbos rehabilitation

Are you interested in rehabilitating fynbos in your area by establishing a stepping stone garden? Then this section is made for you! Learn how to go through each step in the process, by navigating and using our tools and instructions. Feedback and comments are welcome!

Select a site

Find out how to identify a suitable site for your garden.

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Assess and Envision

Understand what the current state of the garden is, and set your future goals.

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Choose plants

Identify which plants are most suitable for your location, vegetation type, and goals.

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Design your garden

Structure your garden in a way that it will grow into the right shape and form.

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Make a work plan

Set up a calendar that takes into account short- and long-term planning.

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Monitor the plant and animal presence in your garden to understand progress and changes.

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For offline guidance through creating your Fynbos Stepping-stone Garden download and print Making a Stepping-stone Garden Framework.