Items inside this map

Our online maps are based on so-called shapefiles. These shapefiles contain different objects (such as lines, polygons, or points). Each object might have an own name and information (for instance, a map could contain all the different wards in Cape Town, each of them represented as an individual polygon).

Below, we list all of the objects that are available within this shapefile. You can click each object, and see this object on a separate page - with an option to download the associated shapefile details. For some maps these objects can be very interesting - for others it is not so relevant. We leave it to you to decide!

Consolidation & Ecological Support Area
Irreplaceable low condition site
Irreplaceable Site
Local or Private area managed for conservation without statutory protection
Marxan & Expert Corridor
Minset Target
National, Provincial, Local
National, Provincial or Local Government Land Managed but with No Status
Non-protected Core Flora Site
Not selected
Other Ecological Support Area
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