Sans Souci Bridge Patch

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Coordinates: -33.97357, 18.46281
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This site is located next to the Sans Souci Bridge and the Liesbeek trail, along the Liesbeek River. It is a bit abandoned, with quite some glass and litter. However, there is a lot of potential with the river flowing right next to it and some benches providing a seating area. The Friends of the Liesbeek team has recently cleared the more aggressive vegetation and in the cleared areas more suitable indigenous vegetation can be planted. We have chosen a selection of nectar-rich sunbird plants from the Cape Flats Sand Fynbos and Peninsula Shale Renorsterveld to start. This site is also situated close to Penisual Shale Fynbos vegetation type area so we will see what plants from these three different vegetation types survive best.


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