Ryan Road Park

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Coordinates: -33.95392, 18.47316
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This piece of land is located right off the subway and it has seen better times. Overgrown grass dominates the terrain and the remains of a seating area can be seen. With the support of people in the community we would like to clean up this space. The land belongs to Metrorail and we have received permission to work on cleaning it up. We have listed some plant species as initial inspiration, but we are open to any suggestions and ideas. For the next raining season our goal is for expanding the patch of this garden so that we can plant more indigenous species, we want to have more planting area and less grass in the middle of the garden.<br />
<br />
We work on this piece of land generally on Wednesdays, 16.00-17.00. Check out upcoming events to see if we are here coming Wednesday. We also have Saturday events. Come join us!


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