Botrivier Stepping Stone

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Coordinates: -33.86542, 18.61482
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The Botrivier Stepping Stone occurs in a park found on a warm Northern slope, and forms part of the Tygerberg Renosterveld Community Stepping Stone Project which aims to improve linkage in between our fragmented Tygerberg and Durbanville Nature Reserves.

This area has been sectioned off permanently (with permission) to protect our Critically Endangered Swartland Shale Renosterveld vegetation from mowing and to allow the plants to re-establish naturally
for their importance to our polinators, birds, wildlife and biodiversity in general- as well as for their beauty and to create interesting, educational spaces in our parks that can be enjoyed by local residents.

We are focussing on raising awareness at street and community level to drive community-centered local Renosterveld vegetation protection and restoration in support of the United Nations Decade of ecosystem restoration.

Year 1: Allow vegetation to re-establish naturally, record species on iNaturalist.
Remove invasive weeds.
Year 2: If necessary restore pioneers to promote species diversity - plants propagated from local stock within 10km radius. Continue to remove invasive weeds.
Year 3 +: Restore other Renosterveld species to promote divesity - plants propagated from local stock within 10km radius. Continue to remove invasive weeds.


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