Harfield Railway Garden

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Coordinates: -33.98845, 18.471245
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The Prasa owned area that runs next to the tracks from Surrey Park along past Harfield Station and ends at the Kenilworth railway booms. Its about 1km long and I have only just got about half way. I have been gardening here for 20 years and have an increasingly indigenous garden. There are plants however from all over and trees that might be less than ideal - in our early days we just planted whatever we were given. Now more selective we have a number of species from the strandveld plant list. They seem to do well. We are blessed to see some of our plants self seeding.

The soil was terrible to start and in some places virtually just the grey stone that is used along the tracks, but by first planting trees and allowing leaves to start forming a carpet of mulch the soil has improved greatly in these areas.


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Cape Flats Sand Fynbos
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