High-impact strategic river corridors

Eerste River Corridor


What makes this an appealing project?

  • The Eerste River is a backbone of this corridor. By following a river, there is potential to use an existing ecological corridor.
  • The Eerste River has poor water quality and is often a liability in social and environmental terms. By working on restoring the vegetation around the river, the actual river receives attention. We recommend linking this project with additional river cleanup and restoration efforts.
  • The selected area is currently not close to high-quality nature, based on the Bionet network. By working on gardens in this area, there is an opportunity to reduce the distance to nature for people living here.

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Social description

Ward profiles

Below we show some demographic information of some of the wards that this corridor passes through. This gives you an idea of some of the differences between the areas. It must be noted that wards are often rather large areas and this is not a clear-cut profile of all the people in the corridor area. However, it does give an idea of some of the socio-economic characteristics of the people in the area.

We recommend that bridging the social divides between different areas is a fundamental part of corridor building. This can also include using resources from the wealthier parts to support activities in the less affluent parts.

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